“It is time for every member of our community to enjoy the full rights and benefits of their American citizenship. Here in Harlem, we have our rich diversity and a long history of innovation that have the ability to not only position us as the center of the United States, but as the center of the world and I intend to work tirelessly to help magnetize the vast public, private, and philanthropic resources of our community to make the American Dream a reality for everyone in our district.” ~ Jineea Butler

Dear Neighbor,

My name is Jineea Butler, I have lived in Harlem for over 20 years, and now I am running to serve the 13th District – YOU! - as a New American; a Reformer, a Republican, and a Democratic Ally. As a Reformer, I believe that the American Dream has alluded so many in our community and we must redefine our institutions in the 21stcentury to create freedom and opportunity for all of us.  I believe we need to refocus our community’s attention to the underlying structures, values and principles that will lead us all to long-lasting prosperity.  As a Republican and a Democratic Ally, I will join with all forces that will advance our community, redefine the rules of engagement between groups that are so divided, and create a new definition for accountability in our government.

As your Congresswoman, I will represent the interests of all people within District 13 to ensure we have a seat at the table. We are already rich in global diversity and places like Harlem have led our culture for decades.  It is time to translate this leadership into a community that is fully engaged as American citizens with the richest culture; richest education, richest healthcare as well as richest economy.  This is the New American Agenda!

On Tuesday - November 6, 2018 - we have a unique opportunity to seize this moment and make a bold choice that will radically change the landscape of our future, I am asking you to join me in reaching across the aisle to create a new voice for our community.

Together we will Redefine the American Dream and Create a New American Legacy for ALL our Citizens.

Jineea R. Butler


Jineea Butler


Jineea Butler has spent her entire career researching and developing projects and initiatives that directly impact the lives of American Citizens. She hails from Cherry Hill, New Jersey an upper/middle class suburban neighborhood where she was the only person of color in her class until high school. Her experiences shaped her view of the world and it was there in the Cherry Hill Public Schools she decided to combat racism and injustices.

Jineea's journey to the Big Apple is the All American Story. She received a full scholarship to play Division I Basketball at Long Island University Brooklyn. She completed her collegiate career as the All Time Leading Scorer and Rebounder with over 1000 pts and 1000 rebounds and broke many NCAA records including being 15th in the nation in rebounding and 23rd in the nation in shooting percentage. She also holds an NCAA record for hitting 10 for 10 in a game. She was inducted into the Long Island University Hall of Fame in 2007. It was at LIU Brooklyn where she learned to operate with class, precision and mastered the art of teamwork.

Career in Social Work

Jineea moved to Harlem in 1998 to begin her career in Social Work. She got a job in the Woodcrest section of the Bronx as a HIV/AIDS Case Manager. Director Gloria Gantt recalls, "There was just something about her that made me give her a chance." She worked alongside the Director learning all aspects of administration and the bureaucracy that came along with it. It was here where she learned to work with people with a variety of needs and solve the issues that stem from the nuances and red tape of governmental programs.

She then answered the call to work for the New York City Department of Correction as a Counselor of Addiction Treatment and was a member of the 1199 SEIU. On Rikers Island Jineea learned to rehabilitate ex-offenders and prepare them for successful reintegration.

In 2002, she joined Homeless Services as a Clinical Coordinator and was promoted to the Director of Workforce Development. She initiated Hip Hop Helps the Homeless at West 4th Street in the Village. She was then recruited by the largest Homeless service agency in the country and served as Director of Career Development for New York, New Jersey, and Philadelphia. Through the face of homelessness, Jineea was able to prepare people for the workforce and put people back to work with livable wages.

Jineea went full time with her company the Social Services of Hip Hop in 2007. She introduced her Leaders In Training Music Training Program throughout the New York City Schools. She created the Hip Hop Union which has had national and international impact and celebrated its 8th Anniversary in 2017.

Work With Rev. Jesse Jackson

She began consulting with Reverend Jesse Jackson Sr. and the Rainbow Push Coalition in 2008. She has been cultivating workshops for the Reverend Jackson across the country since 2009. Through Reverend Jackson Jineea learned how to identify issues and create policy to enact change. And she also learned that the only way we can change our conditions is if we vote.

Professional Overview

Jineea is a very accomplished, seasoned professional and has been trained by the best. She is well informed on what's happening and what needs to happen not only in New York City but the world around us. There is no better person than Jineea to advocate on your behalf. She is equipped with the knowledge and expertise to make an instant impact on issues that affect our community. She has done the work and has the results to prove it. While everyone else is talking about what they want to do, Jineea can tell you what she has done and how she has impacted the world. She has proven her commitment to the people of New York City. Let's put her in Congress to represent us in Washington.


Jineea Butler

As your congresswomen, I will seek to bring the following initiatives to our District.

New American Community Center

Establish a virtual command center in each community to create a community “center of gravity” for education, entrepreneurship and financing, and citizen engagement.  To put the Agenda in the hands of each citizen, we have envisioned a supporting web presence and mobile app to give our NACC the capability to reach every individual in the community.

New American Prosperity Assessment

We start with the current status of the community, creating a comprehensive assessment of the current condition of the Pillars of Prosperity and all the resources available to the community – including federal and state initiatives like opportunity zones.

Using the Prosperity Assessment data, we will develop a blueprint for the community.

Citizen Engagement Pilar: 
I am a Citizen Campaign

We will address the challenge of social justice - head on - with a program that will combine community policing, criminal justice reform, voter education and registration to help all members of the community act as responsible and engaged citizens.  Barriers to advancing education or economic platforms will be strategized with a clear formulation for plans to break barriers or access government resources.

Human Capital Pilar: 
Community-based Human Capital Strategy

We will actively explore the skills and knowledge the productive citizen of the future will require and formulate a roadmap for maximizing the potential for each citizen including education, healthcare, job training, and business development.

Economic Pilar:  
New American Economic Development Platform

We then provide opportunities to participate in the significant surge in value of our community while it is transforming including: 
Equity and Debt Marketplace – use a blockchain-based platform for matching businesses with financing – including consulting support to assure businesses are ready for financing.  This could attract both domestic and foreign investment.Indexed Fund for Crowdfunding – develop an index of the financed businesses in the community to give the community the ability to participate in the economic growthCryptocurrency – provide a currency for the community to use to keep money circulating in the communityOther financial opportunities that will help combat the negative effects of gentrification in Harlem – owning stock, Real Estate, trading stock, etc.

Harlem - Leading the Nation

We will begin a robust dialog in topics of great interest to our nation.

The New American Citizen – preparing US citizens to engage:

1.) Law enforcement and community safety
2.) Criminal justice reform
3.) Voting and how our government works
4.) Becoming informed in the age of information warfare

Making a living in the 21st century – the gig economy and the role of UnionsHuman Capital as a National Asset –national policy for the 21st century economyThe New Urban Agenda - from anti-poverty to multi-generational wealth